My NYC Output


Ok, so tonight was the first night I went out to a club in New York since I got here on April 1st and I was super stoked to going out because everyone who I know who lives in New York talk about this is the spot to be. Output, located in Brooklyn at 73 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, a very nice poshy neighborhood of Brooklyn, a residential venue of BK that serves the electronic dance music scene which is great. I’m very glad to know that there is venues that are still addressing dance music in an underground feeling, yet still, it’s not underground (sorry to say). When I drove up into Brooklyn looking for Output, I realized I was not in my home town of Queens anymore but yes, I’m in Brooklyn. Warehouses all around, old buildings converted to new venues and new buildings being built to populate the crowd that is moving to Brooklyn (the New Manhattan). Prior to Output, I went to this spot called Berry Park (4 Berry Street, Brooklyn, NY) which is a real nice cool venue (the roof top is awesome) that you can have your drink and a have a bit at the same time. A place to come back at another occasion. Time was rolling near midnight and the people who I was with all came together to roll deep into Output which was no lie, 3 blocks away. Dopeness! Gladly to say, Soup Crew hooked it up with the entrance as it was a Soup party and I stepped into Output, Brooklyn. I treaded in after getting stamped down, Output, and the first thing I saw was the coat check (which coming from Miami we dont need a coat check) but, cool to know that they take care of you with pleasure. Good touch boys. So like a mob, we roll in and we are 10 deep, well maybe like 13 or so, and it’s one of the girls birthday least to say. Birthday shots all around, music is pumping, no cigarettes smoke in the air because it is banded from NY and the venue is looking sharp. After shots are taken, we all decide to go to the second floor of the venue which ends up being more interment and a social gathering of a lounge feel. Sofas around, bathrooms unisex and bar to tend to the people who want to stay away from the chaos which was happening downstairs (the dancing). I get my boogie on and the music is coming out quite nicely, which I was very happy about. Some say we are stuck up or snobbish but hey, if you know what you like and know what you expect to hear and feel from a venue, I don’t see it so much as snobbish but more of connoisseur of music. We age like wine and know what is good and what is bad. Years of partying and dealing with crazy venues have taught us that just because everyone may think is good, it may not really be. We don’t follow trends, we make them. So, the sound system in Output is one of the best that I have heard so far and when you don’t come out with your ears ringing, its freaking awesome. I know, I know, I should have worn ear plugs but I wanted to get a feel for the venue. First take on the place. Without any doubt, the Soup Crew delivered an amazing opening, which had me dancing so much I was drenched with the sweat and if that happens, that’s real dope. I don’t go to a club to talk to people, I go there for an outlet and let myself go. Dance and release all the stress I have throughout the week and forget about the sh** I have to deal with in my daily grind. As the night rolled around 2amish, the dj must have switched and the music started to get a little commercial for my taste. Tracks from 2, maybe 3 years old playing and I know there is a lot of music out there they could of used instead but hey, who am I to criticize (wink wink), it just made my mood go dull. Dancing shoes went out the door and the crowd was loving it but, sometimes I wonder, are they sober enough to know what the hell is playing or do some people simply don’t care? As for me, I care a lot about what I listen to and props go out to the Soup Crew for hosting a dope night (they rocked the decks). Sorry to say that dj who did go on around that 2 o’clock slot just didn’t do it for me but overall, Output in Brooklyn has a cool spot going and I look forward to attending another party there (maybe a techno night). My NYC Output was fun and I look to have many more experiences with great talent coming through. Until the next adventure, peace felllas…
– Darwin


One thought on “My NYC Output

  1. johnny a says:

    great review. never snobs, just expectancies.

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